@@36 List box value field calculation

The @@36 function defines which calculations you want to conduct on given values in the list box column. For convenience, you must insert one or more of the @@36 functions that you are using in the Main panel.
Note: The calculation function should be written in upper case. Only one calculation can be associated with each @@36 function.


@@36;<Value Field>;<Field ID>;<Calculation Function>;















Dummy fields are placed to show the results:








Calculation results are shown after the entire list box is full. When you select a calculation (such as SUMS, MINS, MAXS, AVGS and CNTS), the results of this calculation does not appear until the panel is updated.

If you use the list box attribute W and @@14, you can see the results immediately after each calculation is specified. There is a brief pause, the main panel is displayed again and the information pertaining to the calculation is updated and presented.

The W function must be included in the @@27. The W acts as a reminder that if the @@14 function is defined, it has to be executed each time a selection is made in the list box.