@@37 Exporting data to external programs

If data from a report in M3 PWB has to be handled by an external program, you can export from the report directly to the program concerned. This applies to the following reports in M3 PWB:
  • Work center schedule
  • Load profile
  • Load report
  • Order analysis

To be able to export data to external programs, you must specify a function for each relevant panel in the panel files.

For example, to export data from the Order Analysis report (PMDSCH__.SKM) to an Excel spreadsheet in a panel file, you must specify the @@37 function for the panel that contains data definition information applicable to the relevant list box. To clarify this process, the example below shows the procedure in detail (using panel #82).




Defines path and file name for the data file












Note: A macro configuration, which is user-defined, automatically starts Excel but the actual transfer of data occurs manually.To configure special functions and macros, contact your implementation consultant at Infor.