@@7 Calculation field definition

The @@7 function can be used in panel fields to perform simple calculations such as plus, minus, multiply and divide. Nevertheless, possible rounding off errors may occur under these circumstances. We recommend that you avoid use of the REAL format whenever possible.

If you use dates in your calculations, then specify the dates in seconds use an [~] instead of a [^]. For further detail refer to Example number 2 shown below.



Receiving field

To define the field to which data is transferred, you can use the field number or field reference.

X (first calculation number)

X is the first number in the calculation.
Note: A K must precede the number if its value is a constant.


The operator can be P (plus), M (minus), G (multiply) or D (divide).

Y (second calculation number)

Y is the second number in the calculation.
Note: If the number is a constant, then you must place a K just before it.

Example 1



The value in the field with offset `50 is divided with the constant 750. The result of the calculation is placed in field 14 shown below:

Example 2



The two dates are subtracted and the result is given in number of hours.