BIT function

Syntax: BIT( Bit number>,<Bit set value>,<Bit not set value>)

This function can be used in import and export of data but only on LONG and SHORT data types in M3 PWB.
  • When importing: The Record Entry is compared with the <Bit set value>. If they are the same then the <Bit number> (counted from 0) is set. If they are not the same they are cleared.
  • When exporting: If the bit value of <Bit number> (counted from 0) in M3 PWB is 1 then the <Bit set value> is sent to the file. Otherwise <Bit not set value> is sent.

The C Type has to be a LONG or SHORT.


#56   ;LONG           ;NULL:ERROR | BIT(1,X,_)                          ;73         ;     ;


#50   ;SHORT          ;BIT(1,X,_)                                                   ;139        ;     ;


#56   ;LONG           ;BIT(1,Activ,Not Active at this Time)             ;73         ;     ;