Minimized data volume

The transferred data volumes must be minimized to get highest possible performance in the communication

Solution: Only the actions are transferred. An action contains the required keys to the M3 BE database and the result from the action.

Simple addition of additional decisions

Adding new valid actions to the action log must be simple.

Solution: The valid actions are defined in a separate function. A definition of an action includes the required fields to be sent and the function to be used for the implementation of the action in the M3 BE database (if it is automatically implemented).

Facilitate a life cycle of a decision

Each decision has a life cycle, the decision is made up to the point when the necessary actions has affected relevant data. The life cycle can be short for some decisions, while for others, life cycle can stretch across multiple planning sessions.

Solution: All actions are stored in the action log together with status information. The status reflects if an action has been implemented to the database or not. Non-implemented actions can be uploaded to the planning tools through a API transaction and can affect the new planning session.

No black box planning

There must be a good visibility of what have been affecting the data in the M3 BE database.

Solution: All actions are stored in the action log and can be kept as history.