Missing orders

When you import data from BE and miss one or several orders, you can follow these steps:

  • From the main menu, check if there are messages that explains why the orders are missing.
  • You can investigate in BE if the order and operation exist and if it should have been transferred. When analyzing this type of problem, you must always start by enabling the Temporary trace log level = 5, which is set on Parameters > Database. All data sent or received from M3BE is logged in the mi_trace.log file. You can see all the records received from M3BE, in this case PMS170MI/SelOrderHead, and check if the specified orders are sent to PWB. You can also see the selection parameters used. There is a possibility that the displayed orders do not fulfill the selection parameters sent to PMS170MI/SelOrderHead, which is on Horizon > Warehouse group > APS policy, or that it is outside the horizon for selection of orders on Parameters > Database. If the records are missing for orders or operations in the API transactions, the issue is in the BE data or API.
  • For planned Manufacturing Orders, it is a requirement that the work center contains a valid Default resource in PDS010/F. Otherwise, there are no operations created in BE for the planned MOs.