Move order (MOVEORDER)

The definition of the fields sent with the action are as follows:
Action type MOVEORDER
Action group
Company CONO K
Macro ord type MOTY K
Macro ord no MONO K
Temp macro no TMON K
Supply chain no SCNB R
Order category ORCA R
Order no RIDN R
Order line RIDL R
Order op RIDO R

The implementation moves an order/supply chain from one macro order to another.

The action is implemented in this way:
  1. Look-up the sent order/supply chain in the Macro order relations (MMAODE).
  2. Remove it from the "old" macro order
  3. Retrieve the new macro order through the "Temp macro order number" (set through the action SPLITMACRO). Add the order/supply chain to this new macro order.
  4. Reset the next generation date/time on the "old" macro order header to 0.