Locating the panel files

Panel files are located in the Component Overview menu by selecting System > System Information. System information contains four frame windows layered in tab format. Here you will find where the file is located in the system, the location of the panel, the version/serial number being used and which environmental variables control the macro files that define paths to each of the panels.

Standard panels and customized panels are in separate panel libraries; both contained in a national library. The national library is the library for the country in which the planning application is being implemented. For example, the paths for the standard and custom panels in the US library are:
  • Standard panel files: C:\Program Files\APP11.2\US\Panels
  • Customized panel files: C:\Program Files\APP11.2\US\Panels\Custom
Note: You can change the path for a selected panel file by modifying the PMINIT__.DAT file and by altering the environment variables in the Startup Command File.