@@6 Inclusion of control character

When you place a start control character in the first field, it is applied to all the fields in a given string. If a start control character is not present, the panel system defines the position as being the first character in the field and the space position is omitted. You can place different fields side by side without space separation. This method is useful when consolidating strings that do not follow a field reference.

Note: You cannot include the end control character (&) in the field.



Field ID

The field ID is the direct address to data. It consists of a starting control character followed by a reference number and it ends with the ending control character ampersand (&) or a new starting control character.
Note: All control characters are replaced by a space when you display the panel on-screen or print it out.

Field number

The field number defines the position of the field in the panel. You can find the field number by counting from the left to the right and from top to bottom.

You can use the field number to connect a @@ function with a field.
Note: If the field number in the @@ function and the related field do not correspond, the field is as entry field.

Use the starting control characters together with the field number.

Every time a new field is inserted or removed, you must recheck field positions. Therefore, you must use the field reference number or field text functions instead.