Reschedule macro order (RESCHDATEH)

The definition of the fields sent with the action are as follows:
Origin MSP
Action type RESCHDATEH
Action group
Company CONO
Macro ord type MOTY
Macro ord no MONO
Planning date PLDT
Plan time std PLHM

The implementation reschedules all supply chains/orders connected to the macro order to the planning date and time included in the action.

The action is implemented in this way:
  1. Look-up orders and supply chains connected to the macro order through table MMAODE (information displayed in the function "Macro order Relations", RPS301).
  2. Reschedule orders/supply chain to new date/time.
    • Planned orders: Finish date of the planned MO is set to the sent planning date. Reschedule is performed by calling function "Manage planned MO" (PMS912). The content of the planned MO is re-generated according to the new date.
    • Released MO: Finish date/time of the MO is set to the sent planning date/time. Reschedule done by calling function "Reschedule MO" (PMS010BE).
    • Supply chain: Finish date/time of the highest supply level is set to the sent planning date/time. The reschedule of the supply chain is performed through function "Manage supply chains" (RPS912). Note that the top level demand (CO or DO-line) is not affected by this change.
  3. Reset the next generation date/time on the macro order header to 0.
Note: This transaction overrules all other performed planning for affected orders/supply chains with the exception of M3 PWB planned operations (depending on setting in the planning policy, MMS037) and changes of work centers and facilities.