Activate the implementation of actions

The activation of the implementations of actions is done automatically or performed manually. Open actions is always manually handled because information is missing on what, how or to what the data is changed. Defined actions is automatically implemented by the function that is specified in the definition of the action types (CMS109). An action that is fully implemented is set to status 90.

During the implementation, actions on macro orders based on planned MOs in status 10 (field Content on macro header = 10) are automatically reset to manually implemented and the status are left at 20.

The implementation is started in one of these ways:
  • API transaction

    The implementation of actions is triggered through the API transaction "Implement" in API for action log (CMS050MI). The implementation is performed for action log level or for a single action.

  • Manually started from the action log

    The implementation is started through a related option on the action log (CMS050). The implementation handles all action with a status lower 90 within the same action log.

  • Manually started for an action

    The implementation is triggered through a related option in the action (CMS051). The implementation is only done for the selected action.