Field Filters

Field filters are flexible selection criteria, where conditions are defined based on field values from several registers. You can use field filters as selection criteria or coloring criteria in reports.

These examples show several field filters that you can use:
  • Delayed orders
  • Orders planned inside two weeks and linked to purchase orders
  • Items with material shortages
Field filters can be based on field values from these registers:
  • Order header
  • Operation
  • Items
  • External supplies
  • External requirements
  • Order links
  • Secondary supplies
  • Pre-allocations
  • Extra order information
  • Customer information
  • Synchronization links

Condition Operators

  • Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than
  • Less than or equal to
  • Not equal to
  • Contains
  • Does not contain

Condition Set

Condition sets are groupings of conditions. All the conditions with the same value in the Condition set field are part of the same condition set. If at least one condition in a condition set is true, then the condition set is true. In a condition set, a logical OR links the individual conditions.

If all the conditions sets and the individual conditions outside that are not in a condition set are true, then the entire field filter is true. A logical AND links conditions sets and individual conditions.

Symbols and buttons

See the symbol and button tooltips in the application.