External Supplies

The External Supplies component shows external material supplies. You can perform these operations:
  1. You can select the item numbers for which the external supplies must be displayed.
  2. You can change quantities.
  3. You can change delivery terms.
  4. You can change statuses.
  5. You can create new purchase order proposals.

On the Primary behavior tab, you can select the item numbers for which the externally supplies must be displayed.

The external supplies of these order categories are imported as standard:

Code Description
250 Planned purchase orders proposals
251 Released purchase orders
281 Agreement orders
401 Requisition order return
500 Planned distribution order goods receipt
501 Released distribution order goods receipt
601 Maintenance order return
961 Quality inspection return
101 Outstanding supply from the released manufacturing orders where all operations are finished

If you have performed status changes, then these are displayed in the Status column:

Code Description
Q Changed quantity
D Changed due date
S Changed status
E Exported record

If an order is exported to M3 BE, the order status is automatically set to E. Until you reimport the order from the server, you cannot modify it.

If an error is found by the Planning application when reading the orders, an error mark is displayed in the Error mark column:

Code Description
D Due date or start date outside the calendar
Q Quantity is 0 or less

Symbols and buttons

See the symbol and button tooltips in the application.