Reschedule macro order operation (RESCHDATEO)

The definition of the fields sent with the action are as follows:
Action type RESCHDATEO
Action group
Company CONO K
Macro ord type MOTY K
Macro ord no MONO K
Struct seq no SEOP K
Start date STDT R
Start time MSTI R
Finish date FIDT R
Finish time MFTI R
Resch downstrm RPOA R

The implementation reschedules the pinpointed operation for all supply chains/orders aggregated into that operation to the planning date and time included in the action.

The action is implemented in this way:
  1. Look-up orders and supply chains aggregated into the selected operation through table MMAODR (information displayed in the function "Macro order detailed Relations", RPS304).
  2. Reschedule operations to new start and finish date/time.
    • Planned and released orders: The dates of the operation are set to the sent start and finish dates. Reschedule is performed by calling several functions (PMS910, MMS910, PMS940, PMMNGAPL etc). Connected materials are replanned in the material plan to correspond with the new start date/time of the operation.

      The field RPOA (Reschedule downstream) controls how to handle the other operations in the MO/Planned MO. These values are allowed:

      • 0 = Only the pinpointed operations are changed. Surrounding operations remains on original date regardless of their dates
      • 1 = Surrounding operations are rescheduled to the same date/time as the pinpointed operation. All downstream operations up to the first critical operation are rescheduled. All upstream operations are rescheduled regardless if they are critical or not.
    • Supply chain: There is no special handling for supply chains because it is only a specific planned/released MO that is affected.
  3. Reset the next generation date/time on the macro order header to 0.
Note: This change updates the setting "Planned by APP" on the operation. This setting is set = 2. The fields Original start/finish date and time on the operations are not changed due to this action.
Note: This transaction do not support order initiated orders. An error message is generated for these types of orders.