Reference number definition

A field reference number, assigned to each field, defines the address of the data and the starting control characters.
Note: The field reference is usually system dependent and should not be changed.

The field reference number is an integer between 1 and 9999.

The field reference is written between the starting and ending control character. Normally, the field length is large enough to contain the field reference. The field reference should be written immediately after the Start control character. The remainder of the field is filled with underscores [_].

If the field length is not long enough to contain the field references, specify the field length in underscores and write the field reference number after.

You can define fields without any field reference. These fields are used as menu fields or as fields that contain results from internal calculation functions.
Note:  If the reference number in the @@ function and the related field do not correspond, the field is an entry field.