Action log

In an interaction between a client based planning system and M3 BE, there are two main challenges. One is the data volume of the transfer and the second is the visibility on which changes that have been performed in the database due to decisions made in the planning system.

The new M3 BE planning solution is designed around decisions as a central concept. A decision normally results in several actions that has to be taken to data in the M3 BE database. This in conjunction with the two above statements resulted in the new concept, action log, to receive the result from the planning. This new concept results in the following:
  • Result from the planning is transferred as actions, not orders.
  • Minimized data volumes in the transfer.
  • Facilitates a life cycle of decisions and actions.
  • Facilitates a multilevel planner structure because made decisions and corresponding actions can be viewed by others.
  • Possibility to keep a history, especially useful during testing.
  • Adds visibility to the taken actions, not a black box.