Body of the panel file

The body of the panel file consists of one or more lines. Each line ends with the first space character. The body of the panel file begins immediately after the last line in the section of the panel that controls the definition (defined as the first line after the # character that does not begin with a @ character) and ends on the last line before again meeting the number sign. [#]

By making changes to the content in the body of the panel file, you can make direct modifications to panels in a selected frame window. The panel reflects the changes in layout you specify. (If the panel does not reflect your changes correctly, field positions may have been displaced by field references that exceed their allotted space requirements.)

Spaces located in the text must be written with an underscore [ _ ] and the line length must not exceed 132 characters. You can place comments in any of the character positions between the first space and the end of the line.