@@13 Exit action

The exit action (or after-process function) is activated when you have finish editing the panel and before returning to the application. At this point, you can re-edit or insert default values into various data areas, regardless of the content of the fields.



Field ID

The field ID is the direct address to data. It consists of a starting control character followed by a reference number and it ends with the ending control character ampersand (&) or a new starting control character.
Note: All control characters are replaced by a space when you display the panel on-screen or print it out.

Field value

The value to be inserted into the field at exit, regardless of the field content.

Special action

These special actions can be used:
  • RETURN VALUE action


    This action returns values to the field described by the field reference The control character in the field reference gives the field type.

  • REXX call action

    Syntax: Cx

    "x" is the REXX command number with a range from 1 to 99.

    In the start-up CMD file, you can specify environment variables to define the REXX command file attached to the REXX command number, such as SET REXXC1 = C:\REXX\BACKUP.CMD. If no environment variables are defined, then the default REXX command file names are REXXC1.CMD, REXXC2.CMD, and REXXC99.CMD.

  • PANEL action

    Syntax: Sx

    "x" is a positive number, interpreted here as a panel number. Without returning to the calling program, the panel system handles the panel that is specified in the action as if a call was made to display the panel. You can divide one panel into other panels without changing the calling program.
    Note: The data arrays are the same for the whole series of panels.


    The window is terminated.

  • FUNCTION KEY action

    Syntax: Fx

    where "x" is defined as the function key number to be simulated. It can contain be one or more digits The action simulates the use of the key and is performed immediately such that the rest of the special function definition is skipped. F0 is treated as if the Enter (Return) key was pressed and F3 is treated as the Escape (Esc) key.

  • DELAY action

    Syntax: Wx

    Where "x" is a positive number interpreted as a delay in seconds.

    The panel system waits the specified number of seconds before resuming.