Action type definition (CMS109)

The action type definition controls what actions that are valid as well as how these are handled in M3 BE. This means that if a new action type is added into this function it works throughout the action log without having to change any other function.


The valid actions are generated by the function key F14 and cannot be manually created by the user.

This information must be considered:

Act tp (Action type) = This information defines what the action is performing and is also used as the main qualifier in the connection with a client system.

Origin = Origin is used as a main key in the connection with a client system. The usage of origin as a key means that we can reuse the same action type with a different implementation method for a different client system. For example, when the same functionality is used by M3 PWB, the way of implementing the action RESCHDATEO is probably different than with M3 PWB.

Impl function (Implementation function) = The function in M3 BE that performs the implementation of the action. A function has to exist here in order to perform an automatic implementation.


The detailed screen contains some additional information.

Impl method = Controls if the action is to be automatically implemented or not.

Impl function = The function in M3 BE that performs the implementation of the action into the M3 BE database.

Impl error ctrl = Implementation error control = Controls how to handle situations when the implementation of an action stops due to errors. Normally, this is always set to continue with next action but in some case with actions belonging to the same decision it should stop implementing other actions related to the same decision. For example, a decision to split a macro order, which consists of the action to create a new macro order and actions to move the existing orders. If the macro order creation fails, then the move order actions must not be implemented. Otherwise, an error occurs.


The second detailed screen contains the definition of the required content of an action. The third column defines if the field is to be treated as a key or a result. All fields coded as keys are mandatory to be used while some of the fields coded as results can be optional. The API that is used to upload actions from the client verifies that data exist in the key fields, but it does not verify the content. That is rather done in the function to implement the action.