SQL data types

These SQL data types can be used in the @COL/@WCOL lines:
Type Description
CHAR A string with a fixed length.
DATE A date in database format.
DECIMAL A decimal number (you can define length and decimal precision, for example, 'DEC 9,2' would define a DECIMAL(9,2) type.
DOUBLE A decimal number of type DOUBLE (same as DECIMAL(15,6)).
FLOAT A decimal number of type FLOAT (same as DECIMAL(15,6)).
INTEGER An integer number. The number can be between –2147483648 and 2147483647.
SMALLINT An integer number. The number can be between - 32768 and 32767.
TIME A time in database format.
TIMESTAMP A timestamp in database format.
VARCHAR A string with variable length.

It is not necessary to write more characters than necessary for a unique identification of the SQL type. An "F" is enough to state a FLOAT type, while you must write TIMES to state a TIMESTAMP type. When using the DECIMAL type it is also possible to state the maximum dimensions of the type. If no dimensions are stated the default 15,6 is used.