@@5 Data transfer from indexed files

To view panel descriptions without having to specify vast amounts of data, transfer an indexed file directly into the panel by following this procedure:



File name

These file names are available with the @@5 function:
File name Description
DPRE Shift model days (daily production time)
UPRE Shift pattern lines (weekly production time)
AKRE Capacity adjustments
RCRE Work center resources
MGRE Work centers
PKRE Non-working days
TTRE Transit time matrix
ORDH End item orders
MRED Parallel operations
SEQC Sequence optimization controls
SHIP Order links


The index number as defined in the PMSTYF99.DAT file.

Search key

This feature defines a search key, which can be used to identify records in the REGS file. You can use the field number or the field reference as the search key. If you require several fields for your definition, a slash [/] can be used to connect the fields you want to apply. In the case of @@30, the search key can be set to null. In this case all entries would be searched.

Receiving field

To define the field to which data is transferred, you can use the field number or field reference.

Offset in source

The offset position in the REGS file record is the start point from which the data transfer begins. The transfer of data to the field defined as the receiving field continues until the field is filled. The number of bytes transferred is equal to the length of the receiving field.