Line control

You can use Line control if the manufacturing is done on production lines, where several operations are executed on the resource connected in production lines. If the first operation is planned on a resource in line 1, you must also plan the following operations on the same order on the resources in line 1.

You can use Line control to restrict the selections of resources for the subsequent operations if the resource defined on this record is selected in the automatic scheduling.

For example, an order contains five operations (10, 20, 30, 40, and 50), where the first four operations (10 to 40) are planned on lines and the last operation (50) is freely planned. There are three production lines:

  • Line 1 contains resources R10-1, R20-1, R30-1, and R40-1
  • Line 2 contains resources R10-2, R20-2, R30-2, and R40-2
  • Line 3 contains resources R10-3, R20-3, R30-3, and R40-3

The operation 10 is planned on work center W10, which in PDS011 is defined to contain the three resources R10-1, R10-2, and R10-3. To use Line control, you must enable the feature in PDS011/F on each of the links between work center WC10 and the three resources.

It is necessary to create three extra pseudo work centers, which must have the exact same name as the first resource:

  • Work center R10-1, contains resources R20-1, R30-1, and R40-1
  • Work center R10-2, contains resources R20-2, R30-2, and R40-2
  • Work center R10-3, contains resources R20-3, R30-3 and R40-3

When you plan operation 20 on work center WC20, which contains resources R20-1, R20-2, and R20-3, the line control is also validated. If operation 10 is planned on resource R10-1, both work center WC20 and line control work center R10-1 are validated. R20-1 is the only resource that fulfills both work centers. The operation 30 and operation 40 validate both original work center and line control work center and plans on resource R30-1 and resource R40-1.

You cannot fulfill the line control on operation 50. Therefore, the operation is only planned based on the original work center. Since line control is not fulfilled by operation 50, the line control is not active for any subsequent operations on this order (60, 70, and so on).