Actions in action log

The actions stored in an action log describe the decisions to be solved or changes that must be made to data in the M3 BE database. The user works with the actions through function "Action. Open" (CMS051).

There are two main types of actions, Open and Defined, which co-exist within the same action log.

The actions can be sorted according to Decision date, time and suffix. These three fields refer to when the decision was made in the planning system (in this case M3 PWB) and are included in the API transaction used when the actions are created in M3 BE. The suffix is only used if the precision of the decision time does not suffice (contains hours, minutes and seconds). The implementation of the actions into the M3 BE database must also be made in the same sequence in order not to end up in impossible situations.

The implementation method (field "I m") describes if the action is manually or automatically implemented.

The return data for an action only contains information if an error occurred during the implementation of the action. The decision type, reference and reference type is used to handle linked actions where there is a main action and sub-actions. This information is used during the implementation to stop the implementation of related sub-actions if the implementation of the main action stopped with an error. For example, the decision to split a macro order which results in the main action create macro order and the sub-actions move orders. If the action to create a new macro order fails, then we cannot implement the action to move orders to the new macro order.