Setting up the ODBC data source against DB/2 on AS/400 M3

The PSDB parameter file contains references to M3 BE database files used for import and export of data.

The instructions given in this topic must be followed if you have files placed in different libraries. If all files are placed in the same library, then no modification is required.

For example, if you have customer modified files, or if the in-box files used at Export (MWXHED and MWXOPE) have been raised on top of your customer's environment.

When configuring the Client Access data source you can specify the libraries that are to be used when transferring data. In the Server tab, you specify all the libraries that are required for your parameter file. In this example, some files are currently located in MVXADTAAB and others are in MVXADTA.
You must specify a comma [,] before the first library. The comma tells the ODBC driver to consider the following entries as a library list. If you do not specify a comma, the ODBC driver only checks the first library and some files are not be found. This results in errors during import or export.

If all files are in the same library, for example MVXADTA, then you may omit the comma.

In the Format tab, ensure that System naming convention (*SYS) is selected.

In addition, you must hard-code the library name into the parameter file for all occurrences of files, which are not in the library that is specified in the data source. You specify the library name before the file name, separated by a slash [/].
Note: To force the ODBC driver to read data from specific libraries, specify the library name and the file name in the Server tab. Using [/], separate the names, for example, "MVXADTA/MWXOPE".