Change work center type 1 (CHGWC1)

The definition of the fields sent with the action are as follows:
Action type CHGWC1
Action group
Company CONO K
Macro ord type MOTY K
Macro ord no MONO K
Planning date SEOP K
Plan time std FACI R
Work center PLGR R

The implementation changes the used work center (type 1) for the pinpointed operation for all supply chains/orders aggregated into that operation to the planning date and time included in the action.

The action is implemented in this way:

Within same facility
  1. Look-up orders and supply chains aggregated into the selected operation through table MMAODR (information displayed in the function "Macro order detailed Relations", RPS304).
  2. Change the work center (type 1) to the new work center sent in the transaction. The possible resource (Work center type 6) is set to the standard resource for the work center. Information like run time etc remains from old work center until a planned order is regenerated or released (same principle as when a work center is changed in the function "Work center schedule", PMS230). At that point all information is picked up for the new work center.
    • Planned and released orders: The work center is changed and load etc is moved to new work center. Start/finish date, run time etc are not effected.
    • Supply chain: There is no special handling for supply chains because it is only a specific operation that is affected.
  3. Reset the next generation date/time on the macro order header to 0.
New facility
Note: Information about the new work center and facility is stored in a new table "Action log implemented action line" (MALIAL). This information is used to find the new work center and facility when a planned order is recreated or released. The fields "Original start/finish" date and time on the operations are not changed due to this action.
Note: This transaction do not support order initiated orders. An error message is generated for these types of orders.