Index error (CREINX)

The index files are used to access data files. If the timestamp of the index file and data file does not correspond, a CREINX error is displayed.

The error message is displayed if there is an index error on a file. This happens if the index file and data file timestamps do not match.

If PWB has an index file open on Report > Order, it uses the index file. If PWB is terminated while the index file is open, the two timestamps will not match.

You can expand the CREINX error message and identify the file number of the file with the index error. Go to System > File Maintenance. Select the file number then right-click to run one of these functions:

  • Generate index for file
  • Repair index

If the issue is not resolved, you can run Initialize plan to import a new data. The data from BE is imported and the index file is updated when a new import of data is completed.

When running in AppStream, see Guidelines in AppStream.