The system group controls the message level, image path, application title, status bar size, and the dialog window width and height factors.

The following example is used to explain the system group controls.

						messages = no
						environment = movex
						!application_title =
						!image_path =
						!y_offset = -5
						#if hresolution = 1280
						   width_factor  = 50
						   height_factor = 90
						#if hresolution = 1152
						   width_factor  = 50
						   height_factor = 90
						#if hresolution = 1024
						   width_factor  = 70
						   height_factor = 110
						#if hresolution = 800
						   width_factor  = 90
						   height_factor = 140
  • Messages

    Messages controls the message level and is only used for debugging purpose. If set to yes, a message box will indicate if a UI error occurs. Call to void NTApplication::reportError(const PSErrorInfo &info) const in PSUI.DLL.

    messages = no | yes

    image_path = <paths>

  • Application title

    Application title controls the text in the MAPP main window title bar.

    application_title = <text>

  • Image path

    Image path overrides the path set by the environment variable PSUI_IMAGEPATH. The path can be a double path, where first path is to a customer image directory and the second the standard image directory.

    image_path = c:\program files\MvxApp11_1\images\custom;c:\program files\MvxApp11_1\images;

    If a folder named 256 is defined in any of the image directories, the images placed in these folders are preferred if the color resolution is set to 256 colors.

  • Status bar

    A status bar is placed at the bottom of the planning application main window.

    These settings ensure that the status and license parts are only shown when the user is in the Component Overview menu. In the other menus (planning menu and scheduling menu) this information is hidden to provide enough space for the color information.

    If these settings are removed from the PSUI.INI file, all menus are going to look like the Component Overview menu.

  • The size of the legend/information part is approximately the main window width (statusbar_license_width + statusbar_status_width + statusbar_clock_width + statusbar_version_width).

    The license, status, clock and version parts are fixed sized. If a width is set to zero pixels, the part is not shown.

    statusbar_license_width = <pixels>

    statusbar_status_width = <pixels>

    statusbar_clock_width = <pixels>

    statusbar_version_width = <pixels>

  • Width factor

    The width_factor and height_factor controls the proportions of the dialogs in different resolutions.

    width_factor = <integer factor>

    height_factor = <integer factor>

    If, for example, the horizontal screen resolution is 800 pixels, the following factors will be set.

    #if hresolution = 800

    width_factor = 90

    height_factor = 140


    System 90x140

    If the width_factor is changed from 90 to 80 and the height factor from 140 to 130, a more compressed dialog is obtained. Note that the size of the controls have not been changed.

    #if hresolution = 800

    width_factor = 80

    height_factor = 130


    System 80x130