Setting up AppStream

Before you start M3 Planning Workbench in AppStream, you must ensure that these prerequisites are met:

  • You must have the IFS role M3PWB_PLANNER or M3PWB_VIEWER.
  • You must setup ION API for M3 PWB. See Setting up ION API.

Follow these steps to start M3 Planning Workbench in AppStream.

  1. From the Infor M3 menu, select Manufacturing Planning > Planning Workbench.
    M3 Planning Workbench is launched in AppStream in a separate browser window.
  2. Verify if the correct Schedule Version is used.
    Alternatively, you can also import another Schedule Version. See Schedule Versions in AppStream.
  3. Specify the ION API OAuth2 credentials and verify the information displayed. See Configuring PWB to use OAuth2 credentials for ION API.
  4. Select the ION API JSON text and copy to clipboard.
    On the application, click System > Parameters > Database and select ION API JSON text.
    Click Paste ION API JSON text from clipboard.

    If Paste ION API JSON text from clipboard is not working, you can select ION API then click the Create new ION API file using copy and paste into editor icon.

    On the M3 Planning Workbench File Editor, paste the ION API JSON text from clipboard and save the file.

  5. Click Test logon.
    A message is displayed that the test logon succeeded.
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the Planning Area section, specify this information:
    Verify if the company value displayed is correct.
    Warehouse group
    Specify the warehouse group defined in MMS009.
  8. On the Miscellaneous section, specify this information:
    M3 BE user
    Verify if the M3 BE user displayed is correct.
    Tenant ID
    Verify if the tenant ID displayed is correct.
  9. On the Selection of Order section, specify this information:
    Horizon for section of orders
    Specify the horizon for selection of order value.
    Verify if no exclamation mark is displayed. If exclamation mark is displayed, then the calendar in CRS900 is not defined in Horizon for section of orders. You can extend the division calendar or reduce the horizon for selection of orders until the exclamation mark is no longer displayed.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Run Initialize plan.
    Review the Messages lines displayed. You should have a defined bottleneck resource with finite capacity. Validate that only bottleneck resources are defined with finite capacity and the errors and warnings are fixed. If Shift Patterns are only in the past, then you must extend the shift patterns for M3 Planning Workbench to create a plan.