Related information

This table shows the available related information for a selected item in the Grid:

Information Description
Material plan Displays information from MMS080
Item Balance Displays information from MWS060

If NCR #11907 (MWS060 replaced by MWS068 for increased usability) in CMS975 is enabled, MWS068 is used instead of MWS060.

Load display over and under Displays detailed information from CPS120

The work center that is displayed in the tab is configured in the production line that is defined in MMS003.

Stock transaction. Display History Displays information from MWS070
Display All Warehouses Displays information from MMS081
Simulate for Material Displays information from MMS085
Allocations Perform Displays information from MMS120
Buckets Displays a graphical display of supply/demand/projected on-hand balance for each bucket
Detailed Information Displays detailed information for a single item. Each record corresponds to one bucket where information from grid tool tip and historical forecast pacing are displayed for each offset.
Item Status Provides an overview of all items and numbers that are displayed in the grid

After an update, all items are initially displayed as normal. After committing a decision, the status is changed to Item committed. The Item committed and updated status is displayed after all committed items are updated.

Log File Displays all logged MI transactions

To view and analyze the actual MI transactions used, export the log file to a text file and use it as an attachment when reporting issues for the application.