Settings in M3 BE

M3 Business Engine settings for Inventory Planning Workbench

Use these settings in M3 Business Engine to access the full functionality in Inventory Planning Workbench.

  • APS policy in CRS798

    APS policy in CRS798 selects a group of items which are planned in the application. Based on the type of company and industry, you can have several APS policies for item groups. The user can select which APS policy to use and which item groups to display.

  • Warehouse group in MMS009

    Warehouse group in MMS009 selects one or more warehouses which are planned in the application.

    Note: You must have one main warehouse where manufacturing orders are created. Optionally, you can add warehouses for sales and distribution.
  • Product structure type in CRS787

    According to the product structure type defined in CRS787, the planner can create Manufacturing Orders (MO) and Manufacturing Order Proposals (MOP) in the application.

  • Master demand schedule in MPS300

    As M3 Business Engine can contain several Master Demand Schedules (MDS), you can use MPS300 to define which MDS is going to be used in MRP to create order proposals.

  • Master demand schedule for manual forecast in MPS300

    To manually overrule forecast values in the application, you must define a Master Demand Schedules (MDS) in MPS300 for manual forecast from Inventory Planning Workbench.

  • Point of time table in RPS080

    This setting defines planning buckets in the application. These statuses are applicable for this setting:

    • 30: Delivery in time which also defines buckets in the grid
    • 10: Used if there is no records with status 30
    • 40: Order pacing used in forecast pacing
  • Production line in MMS003

    You can use production line to sort items into groups based on how or where the items are produced.

  • IPW roles in MNS405

    You can define three IPW roles:

    Note: If IPWADMIN is defined in MNS405, the IPW roles are used.
  • IPW roles per user in MNS410

    Link the user to IPW role. If you have several IPW roles, the IPW role with most rights is used.

  • Security roles in Infor OS Portal

    You must have the Security role, IPW-User.