This table shows the available control buttons and their functions in the main menu of the application:

Button Function
Update This is used to retrieve information from M3 Business Engine.
Date and time

This records the last time Update was used. Date and time is displayed in IPW display time zone.Date and time identifies the starting point of all data displayed in the grid, including which bucket came first in the grid and what transactions are in the past.

Select Basic Setup > Time zone to control IPW display time zone.

Undo This is used to undo all decisions that were taken since the last update.
Commit This implements all decisions taken in the application.

Depending on the decisions, this control is used to create, change, or delete the necessary orders in M3 Business Engine or change other relevant data.

Update Commit This is used to retrieve information for item numbers where decisions are committed.

You can use this button if decisions are committed on a limited number of items.

Firm This confirms planned Manufacturing Order Proposals.

Firmed Manufacturing Proposals are not changed by MRP and the planner can keep the supply as planned.

Release This releases Manufacturing Order Proposals directly from the application.

You can use this when the MOP is planned to be produced soon.

Tools This is used to create suggestions and specify PIN codes for the application.
Related This is used to calculate MRP or open other programs for selected item in the grid.
Settings This is used to configure the settings of the application.
Note: Press F13 on your keyboard to open Settings.
Retrieve Favorite

This is used to retrieve personal favorite settings, shared favorite settings, or predefined favorite settings.

Note: The name of selected favorite setting is displayed right after the Retrieve Favorite button.