Welcome page

The Welcome page is the first page available for all users on the Infor Ming.le Homepages view or the Infor OS Portal Workspaces view. It includes the onboarding widgets which provide access to information about the real-time value of role-based homepages or workspaces, customizable widgets, actionable data, and analytics.

These standard widgets are included:

  • Alert List: Shows a list of all open alerts for the current user.
  • Image: You can add an image to a widget. The image is added as a link, so it must be accessible from a URL.
  • Menu: Enables creating and customization of a menu on the homepage or workspace.
  • Notes: Used to create notes. The notes are edited inline in the widget content area.
  • Notification List: Shows a list of all open notifications for the current user.
  • Task List: Shows a list of all open tasks for the current user.
  • Workflow Viewer: Shows the workflow status diagram for a task, notification, or workflow item selected in another widget on the same page.
  • What's New: Notifies you about upcoming product updates to your multi-tenant Infor CloudSuite environment.