Receive Purchase Order

Use this widget to record a goods receipts for a specific purchase order, which is done manually through M3 in 'Purchase Order. Received Goods' (PPS300).
Note: You must activate the MPLINE table in the M3 Function Search administration before using the widget. To update table indexes, see Infor M3 CE Core Administration Guide.

Using the Receive Purchase Order widget

  1. Search for a purchase order number. Click Search.
  2. Select an item for a specific purchase order.
  3. To create a goods receipt transaction, click the line item.
  4. Specify this information:
    Add receive qty
    Specify the quantity of received items
  5. Click Save. A receipt created message is displayed on the widget.

APIs used in the widget

The Receive Purchase Order widget requires application program interface (API) to retrieve data from M3 and vice versa.

This table shows details about M3 APIs available in this widget:
Program Transaction
MNS150MI GetUserData
PPS001MI Receipt
MMS005MI LstWarehouses
MMS005MI GetWarehouse
  • You can use ION APIs to integrate with Infor Document Management (IDM). To know more about the available ION APIs, contact your system administrator.
  • To use and test the API, see procedure about Running of MI Transaction in Infor M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology User Guide.