Adding an API action

Use this procedure to configure an API to create additional action for a specific record. The configured action can be accessed through a context menu when you right-click a record.
Note: Performing an action only provides a successful or failed result.
  1. When configuring the widget, click + Add Action.
  2. Specify this information:
    Action Name
    Specify a name for the action to be used for the API.
    Click the look-up button and select a program.
    Click the look-up button and select from the available transaction methods.
    Click the look-up button.
    On the data grid, you can perform these tasks:
    • Select the check boxes in the Input column to select the Input Fields to be submitted for the MI Transaction.
    • Change the input fields' value in the Value column. For example, updating a supplier status to deactivated, STAT: 90 (CRS620MI/ChgBasicData).
  3. Click OK.