Supplier List

Use this widget to get supplier contact information.
Note: You must activate the CIDMAS and CIDVEN tables in the M3 Function Search administration before using the widget. To update table indexes, see Infor M3 CE Core Administration Guide.
You can perform these tasks using the widget:
  • Email the supplier directly through the address link.
  • Call the supplier by clicking the mobile number.
    Note: The widget uses the default application installed on your device to support phone calls, for example, Microsoft Teams.
  • View the postal address of the supplier.

APIs used in the widget

The Supplier List widget requires application program interface (API) to retrieve data from M3 and vice versa.

This table shows details about M3 APIs available in this widget:
Program Transaction
CMS100MI Lst_WD_SuppList
CMS100MI Lst_WD_AllSuppl

To use and test the API, see procedure about Running of MI Transaction in Infor M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology User Guide.