Customer Contacts

Use this widget to get the contact information of customers who are registered in M3 through 'Customer. Open' (CRS610).

Note: Before you use the widget, consider this information:
  • Data to be loaded on this widget is user-specific. The widget accepts the login user ID by default and retrieves customer record registered in M3 through 'Customer. Open' (CRS610) where the login user ID has been mapped as a responsible or a sales person.
  • You can override the logged-in user ID in the configuration section of the widget to retrieve the customer record of another user ID in place of the logged-in user.
  • You can filter by contact type as defined in 'Contact Type. Open' (CRS621) where the widget retrieves customer records mapped with the appropriate contact type in 'Customer. Connect Contact' (CMS055) to get a specific customer and its corresponding contact details.
You can perform these tasks in the widget:
  • Search for a specific customer in the widget using a user ID or name. The search results follow the applied contact type and customer status filters based on the widget configuration.
  • Click the email address of the customer to open an email application available in the user system to send email to the customer's mail address.
  • Click the customer phone number to make outgoing calls to the customer number.
    Note: Calling feature is dependent on the application that is available on the user's machine.
  • Click More details to open the modal that shows the primary and other contacts of the selected customer. You can view additional details of the primary contact on the left column of the modal, whereas you can scroll further to see the other contacts and their summarized information on the opposite column.
  • Drill back to M3 programs or custom web links.


  • Before using the widget, you must activate these tables in the M3 Function Search administration:
    • OCUSMA
    • CMNUSR
    • MITWHL
    • OCUSCO
    • CEMAIL
    • CCUCON

    See information about updating table indexes in the M3 Core User and Administration Library (Cloud).

  • To use the outgoing call feature of the widget, you must have a calling feature-enabled application that is available in your system, for example, Microsoft Teams and other related applications.

APIs used in the widget

The Customer Contacts widget requires application program interfaces (APIs) that retrieve and display the appropriate data.

This table shows details about M3 APIs available in this widget:
Program Transaction
CRS621MI Lst
CMS100MI Lst_WD_CustCont
CRS610MI SearchCustomer
CRS610MI GetBasicData

See information about testing and running an API and its corresponding transaction in the M3 Core User and Administration Library (Cloud).

Infor Business Context (IBC) messages

The Customer Contacts widget receives these published Infor Business Context (IBC) messages from Infor M3:

  • InforCustomerPartyMaster
  • InforBillToPartyMaster