Release Planned Purchase Order

Use this widget to get a planned purchase order that must be released to process actual purchase. Planned purchase orders can be verified through 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).


Before using the widget, you must activate these tables in the M3 Function Search administration:


See information about updating table indexes in the M3 Core User and Administration Library (Cloud).

Using the Release Planned Purchase Order widget

  1. Search for a specific buyer.
  2. Select your preferred planned purchase order.
  3. Specify this information:
    Order quantity
    Specify the order quantity for which planned order to be released.
    Select a valid date when the purchase should be made. Valid dates only cover the current date or any future dates that are part of a weekday.
  4. Click Create.

APIs used in the widget

The Release Planned Purchase Order widget requires application program interfaces (APIs) that retrieve and display appropriate data.

This table shows details about M3 APIs available in this widget:
Program Transaction
PPS170MI GetPOProp
MNS150MI LstUserData
CMS100MI Lst_WD_PoByBuyr
Note: You can use ION APIs to integrate with Infor Document Management (IDM). To know more about the available ION APIs for this widget, contact your system administrator.

See information about testing and running an API and its corresponding transaction in the M3 Core User and Administration Library (Cloud).