M3 features not supported with this CloudSuite

Product Limitation
Infor Smart Office

Within Infor Smart Office, these limitations apply:

  • Collaboration (chat, group chat, screen sharing) is not enabled.

  • It is not possible to view the full name of the user logged on to the Smart Office, only the user ID.

  • It is not possible to add, remove or change customer help videos.

M3 Business Engine - Country Version US With this CloudSuite, integration between Infor M3 and Vertex is only supported with the Vertex server installed on-premise and configured such that its Web Services are able to be reached from the public internet (unless a VPN tunnel between the Infor Cloud and the customer site is in place).
M3 Business Engine - Country Version NO

For Country Version Norway, these restrictions apply:

  • Only supplier payments with SEPA CT are supported

  • For bank statements, only feedback with CAMT.054D is supported.

  • Direct debiting is not supported.

M3 Business Engine - Country Version Turkey Only those invoices that originate from the M3 customer order process are supported.
M3 Business Messages

Note that the CloudSuite does not include an EDI-broker (like Axway).


Non-standard integrations are only possible by using Infor Enterprise Collaborator (MEC), Infor ION, Standard M3 APIs or Web Services.

By "non-standard integrations" we mean integration with a system which is not already possible within the standard M3 solution.

Some examples of such could be integration with a financial system or other ERP.

ODBC connectivity to the database(s) of the CloudSuite is restricted and only accessible from SW Components in the CloudSuite itself; access from outside the CloudSuite is not possible. This restriction includes usage of ODBC/JDBC connectivity with the WebService framework.

No customer source code modifications of included products are allowed in the CloudSuite.

Modifications through Java code changes to the M3 BE applications (using MAK in an on-premise deployment) is not possible for a CloudSuite at this point in time. Other types of loosely-coupled modification including personalizations, Mashups (and Web-Mashups) and SDK applications are still possible.