API Gateway or ION API

The API Gateway is a component of Infor OS that is used for brokering requests from API consumers, such as web and mobile applications, and API providers, such as Infor EPM, or third-party services.

As a broker, the API sits between consumers and providers. It can provide benefits to both consumers and providers.

The API Gateway or ION API is used by many integrated applications that use API calls to expose business logic using HTTP protocols. Infor EPM uses the API to consume API services that allow access to its business logic in a secure manner.

The API Gateway or ION API is a server that acts as an API front-end to Infor products. It receives API requests and enforces throttling and security policies. The API Gateway passes requests to the back-end service, and then passes the response back to the requester. It includes a transformation engine to orchestrate and modify the requests and responses on the fly, and provides functionality such as the collection of analytics data and caching. You can use the API Gateway to support authentication, authorization, security, audit, and regulatory compliance.

Previously provisioned Infor cloud instance customers not already using the API Gateway or ION API must work with to provision the API Gateway or ION API to their cloud instances.