ION or ION Desk

Infor ION or ION Desk is a business process management platform that integrates applications, people, and business processes.

The Infor ION or ION Desk platform converts data into the common language of standardized XML or JSON to enable disparate business systems such as Infor products, third-party applications, and in-house developed applications to share information.

Infor ION or ION Desk simplifies the connectivity and data sharing across the connected applications. It enables users to configure a routed infrastructure, set up workflows, and design and activate business event monitors and manage tasks and alerts.

Managed within ION or ION Desk, Infor Data Lake is a data repository that provides high-volume, scalable object storage for real-time data from across your enterprise systems, disparate applications, and users. Using ION or ION Desk to connect your data sources, Infor applications move content into Data Lake and use other consuming applications to query and navigate Data Lake for content related to specific business cases.