Using M3 Rental Counter with M3 CloudSuites

M3 Rental Counter offers these capabilities with M3 CloudSuites:

With M3 Rental Counter (mashup) customers can search, display, create, and administer rental agreements and customers. Users can work with quotations, preliminary agreements, and active agreements. It is also possible to create service request for equipment and handle cash payment for open invoices. M3 Rental Counter collects information from a number of programs related to the rental business processes. The Rental Counter is primarily designed for equipment-centric customers such as those working in the rental industry, equipment dealers, and those providing after-sales service.

These are the supported features of the integration:
  • The Customer view supports:
    • Customer search
    • View customer details (basic information, financial information, contacts)
    • Display renal invoices for that customer
    • New customers and rental agreements can also be created
  • The Agreement view supports:
    • The management of preliminary orders, contract orders, and quotation orders
    • Dispatch of equipment
    • Management of charges
    • Deposit management
  • The equipment search permits various criteria to be used to find an equipment to add to a rental contract
  • A cash desk function is used to take customer payments
  • A toolbox view is provided to manage rental contracts
  • A service view provides the ability to manage service work on the rental equipment and optionally create new service request