Recommended tooling for coding new business logic

M3 provides tooling that can be used to change or add new capabilities to existing M3 functions through the Xtend M3 framework. To create new functionality other tooling must be used such as Infor Mongoose or any open-source or proprietary tooling with relevant capabilities.


Mongoose is a rapid application development framework built on the concept of upgradeable extensibility using metadata to describe the application.

It has a built-in form designer to allow UI enhancements and new forms creation. Mongoose is also wired for the Infor tech stack including the ION BOD data synchronization and Infor OS integration.

The Mongoose AES (Application Event System) and task schedule permits the creation of both triggered and timed events that can be used to perform a variety of functions without coding.

When necessary, .NET code modules can be created to respond to updates, consume web services and build custom logic.