M3 Graphical Lot Tracker

Infor M3 Graphical Lot Tracker is for companies that use lot control and need to track and trace the links between different lots in their supply chain.

Its search capabilities enable you to quickly trace backwards from end products to identify potentially contaminated raw material lots, or forwards to determine the potential consequences of product issues.

You can generate customer recall lists to identify affected end products with customers' shipped-to information and lists of lots in stock with the option to stop product lots from further delivery within a minimum time. An intuitive user interface makes the solution easy to use for occasional users such as external auditors.

M3 Graphical Lot Tracker provides the lot traceability to help ensure the rapid recall of products in connection with product and safety issues where retailers sometimes request recall information within as little as two hours. M3 Graphical Lot Tracker improves the quality of traceability compliance audits with external auditors and can help reduce the cost of performing these audits. It also helps forward-looking companies to prove the origin of raw materials was from licensed or approved sources or ethical suppliers.