Localization Services GEMS

Infor Localization Services GEMS (Global Electronic Messaging Services) is an electronic messaging solution that helps customers meet the local regulatory, statutory, and cultural requirements of a country. It is a black box solution within Infor ION that automatically transforms BOD data into a proprietary message without going through the logic of Infor Localization Services Platform.

GEMS messages can be categorized into these file types:

  • Banking includes a set of electronic messages that enables supplier payments and direct debits to be created for banks and other financial institutions, such as clearing houses, according to the standard of an organization, government, or financial institution. Bank statements sent by the bank can also be consumed by the ERP for payment matching and reconciliation.
  • Trade statistics provides a set of electronic messages for regulatory reporting of commerce and goods movements across country borders, such as Intrastat and EU Sales Listing for Europe.
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Tax Reports