Extending the solution

Infor CloudSuites are designed to be industry specific. Each CloudSuite contains a core (ERP) product like M3 that is configured according to the processes used in the specific industry. Despite the industry focus of the solution, you can require variants of specific processes that are not supported by the available solution.

While each CloudSuite supports different industries and micro verticals with different needs, two companies are not exactly alike.

This implies that the design principles around M3 are:
  • Flexible: parameterized policies, concepts, etc. All delivered with standard software solutions such as Infor M3.
  • Possible to personalize: adapt menus, screens, and workflows to personal needs and preferences.
  • Extensible: extensions to the standard functionality to fulfill needs that cannot be covered by the standard software.
  • Interoperable: CloudSuites never run in isolation. Upstream and downstream processes and systems must be connected to the Infor CloudSuites for the exchange of static and transactional data.
The extent to which a product is extensible is driven by these conflicting requirements:
  • The software must be flexible and extensible so that the diverse needs of Infor’s customers can be satisfied.
  • The tenants that are provisioned from a shared cloud infrastructure do not impact each other when extending the software, in terms of functionality, stability, and performance.
  • Extensions do not impact or conflict with the continuous update and delivery process that is in place to deliver updates and improvements to the software.
To provide a clear response to the question of what the opportunities and restrictions for M3 are in a cloud deployment context, the following topics are presented and discussed:
  • Personalization options
  • Business process tailoring options
  • Extensibility options
The extensibility options contains the following subtopics:
  • Integrated solutions
  • Extension of M3 business logic and data
  • Reporting
  • BI and Analytics
  • Recommended tooling for coding of standalone business logic outside M3 Core