M3 Scheduling Workbench

Infor M3 SWB - Scheduling Workbench is a powerful decision support tool for production planning and the scheduling of manufacturing orders.

It takes into consideration finite capacity constraints and material flow from raw materials to finished products. M3 SWB - Scheduling Workbench can handle single or multi-facility/plant distribution and production planning and then synchronizes resource utilization and material flow through the internal supply chain. The capabilities in M3 SWB - Scheduling Workbench include, among others:

  • Decision support with customizable workflow menus to help planners executing their daily planning tasks.
  • Processes and decisions tightly integrated with M3 Business Engine.
  • Performance Scoreboard with delivery performance, shortages and resource utilization.
  • Support for MTO and MTS production with visibility of customer orders versus forecast driven demands when prioritizing your plans.
  • Critical constraints handling based on Goldratt's Theory of Constraints
  • Dynamic network interdependencies and synchronization between orders, materials, routings and capacity
  • Rules based sequence optimization engine to squeeze out nonproductive time.
  • Interactive Scheduling Board that shows the operations scheduled for one or multiple resources.
  • Interactive workbenches for capacity planning focusing on utilization and load of work-centers, and material planning focusing on stock situations, coverage times etc.