M3 Supply Chain Execution

Infor M3 Supply Chain Execution supports the fulfilment process for both simple and complex distribution networks and includes warehouse and transport management, lot-allocation and traceability, distribution orders, statistics and more.

The warehousing module supports full lot-management and traceability with expiry dates, last sales dates and harvest date handling. Attributes can be assigned to lots and balance IDs and tracked through the supply chain. Pallets and cases can be represented and transacted upon using the container and package management concept with support for license plates and SSCC-identifications.

Freight cost management allows you to calculate expected carrier-costs and assign to deliveries and shipments for later self-billing or matching against supplier or carrier invoices.

These modules are included in Supply Chain Execution:
  • Distribution Order Processing
  • Inventory Statistics
  • Lot and Allocation Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transport Management
  • Item Interface
  • Warehouse Management Interfaces
  • Transportation Planning Interfaces
  • Freight Cost Management