The content of a report is created through M3 and then sent to an external output management application for layout design and distribution. Please see KB 1974263 for detailed information about the M3 output management.

A multi-level XML file is used as the output format. The XML file is highly standardized and fully extensible by configuration. Labels (field headings) are sent in the XML file, that are already translated to correct language (based on user, customer or supplier). Numbers and dates follow the XML standard.

The output functions are separated into these two types, documents and reports:
  • Documents

    Output classified as a document is normally intended to be used externally. The content of the XML includes, in addition to lines, the header, text, address, and summary sections. Normally, the layout is designed with portrait orientation.

  • Reports

    Output classified as a report is normally intended to be used internally. The main content of the XML is lines, but it can also include a minor header and summary. Normally, the layout is designed with landscape orientation.