Mobility for Field Service

Infor Mobility for Field Service (MFS) is a mobility product designed to support the service technician whilst working out in the field.

The solution is available on phone and tablet devices that run the following operating systems: Android, Windows, and iOS.

MFS can operate both online and in disconnected mode. MFS is built on the same core technology framework as M3 Customer Lifecycle Management, but the customer can choose to use MFS stand-alone or combined with M3 Customer Lifecycle Management. MFS and M3 Customer Lifecycle Management share common data such as customers, contacts, and equipment. MFS also has two-way integration to Infor Document Management. This integration displays documents in M3 that are linked to the record in Infor M3, such as work orders, items, and services. Likewise, electronic media such as photos and videos, taken with the mobile app, are sent back to M3 and automatically indexed against the M3 records. The MFS solution also uses apps on the mobile device, including access to maps to display the location of the service assignment, and the device's phone to quickly call customers and contacts. MFS is available for M3 customers who run the work order process.

MFS provides these capabilities:

  • Offline capabilities to allow the technician to continue working while disconnected from the network
  • Checklists and inspections with predefined drop-down values
  • New work orders, work requests and assignments can be created on the device
  • Reports, such as the service visit report, can be emailed directly to the customer contact
  • Assignment details
  • Customer and contact information
  • Equipment information including equipment details, service history, attributes, as-build structure and warranty information
  • Options to issue parts that were either predefined in M3 or allocated directly from the technician's van stock
  • The ability for the technician to confirm the receipt of parts that have been shipped to them
  • Update of equipment meter values
  • Assigning miscellaneous costs to the assignment, such as hotel costs or local purchases
  • Adding labor and travel time
  • Creation of a service error report, detailing issues, causes, and repairs
  • Ability to record both the customer's and the technician's signature on the device and then store these back in Infor Document Management
  • Support for a wide variety of statuses including Accept assignment, Start travel, Arrived, Start work, Stop work, Delayed work, Completed, etc.
  • A variety of search and sort options to help technicians quickly find the information they need
  • Supports identifying equipment and spare parts by bar coding
  • Allows you to customize the appearance of the MFS application to include their corporate colors and logo
  • Multiple assignments can be selected for the Group action, in which an end customer can, for example, sign once for multiple assignments