Business process tailoring options


Most of the tailoring in M3 is enabled by the different settings which change the behavior of the system. Because there are more than 5,000 different settings, the possibility for variation is infinite.

To guide the users on how to setup the system, validations are included in each setup program and these prohibit certain combinations of settings. There are also other resources available to guide the project in their implementation phase by providing recommended settings, for example Industry Process Catalog packages.

Industry Process Catalog

The Industry Process Catalog is a database that has been preconfigured with the most common processes, including settings and data, corresponding to a specific industry. By using an Industry Process Catalog package, the implementation project can quickly reach a point where they can verify the recommended setup and evaluate the pre-configured processes with the required processes of the customer.

Currently, M3 contains IPCs for the listed industries. These can be accessed from the documentation lists for each of the industries on
  • Chemicals
  • Distribution Enterprise
  • Equipment
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • M3 (General Manufacturing)

MicroVertical editions are also available for some industries.